Elopement Wedding cake Adelaide
Adelaide Elopement Wedding Cake


Cakes + Chocolates

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Why we love them:

One word… YUM! Vicki always has something new for us to try and doesn’t just brings a smile to our faces through her delicious chocolates and cake, but with her friendly and fun personality. We know that with Vicki’s skill and creativity the treats you have on your wedding day will be absolutely divine (to look at and to taste!).

Who they are and what they do:

Adixions Cakes & Chocolates passion is to provide people with a divine gastronomic experience through fine chocolate, cakes and desserts. Vicki’s passion started as a child, standing next to her mum in the kitchen, watching her miraculously whip up dishes and desserts for family and friends, and ever since her life has revolved around food. Oh food, glorious food!

What they can bring to your elopement:

Having an elopement doesn’t mean you have to skip the cake! Whether you would like a wedding cake, some delicious Luxe chocolates, or a dessert spread, Adixions Cakes & Chocolates has you covered. Vicki is flexible and adaptable and is passionate about creating delicious experiences tailored specifically for each of her individual clients.