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Best Elopement & Micro Wedding Dresses Under $1,000

Just because you’re having an elopement or micro wedding and want to save some money, doesn’t mean you have to forgo a beautiful wedding dress. If using your mums gown or an old favourite doesn’t appeal to you, why not check out some of my favourite dresses below? All under $1,000! With some runners up coming in from only $80! Whaaaaat?? If you think outside the box and get a boutique, off the rack dress, you can find something gorgeous and low-key for your relaxed wedding day.

8 Myths of Wedding Planning

When it comes to wedding planning there are really no rules (well, except the legals, you want to be legally married!), but there is a lot of pressure on couples to get it ‘right’. Here are some of the myths of weddings and wedding planning that you can feel free to ignore if you want to!...

The Modern Elopement

When you think of eloping the first thing that might come to mind is to ‘run away and get married’, and historically, this is exactly what is has meant (usually running off secretly and without parental consent!)… escape, flee, run away…

While big weddings are still the most popular way to go these days, eloping is not at all uncommon or as ‘taboo’ as it used to be.