South Australian Micro Weddings

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What is a micro wedding?

A micro wedding is somewhere in-between a small traditional wedding day and an elopement. When eloping it's typically just the two of you! Perhaps with just your closest guests, generally no more than 10. When planning a small traditional wedding you are still expected to follow the norms of a larger wedding. Yes, your guest list is smaller, but people still expect evening receptions, extended family, bonbonnieres, first dances and more. A micro wedding is the perfect balance between the freedom and uniqueness of an elopement, and a larger guest list that allows you to invite your closest friends and family. (Typically 30-50 guests).

Micro weddings = micro price tags

Weddings are expensive. Very expensive. And it's not just because you have to feed and water 100+ guests. Venue hire, outfits, photography, officiants, bands, gifts, invites, and so so much more. It's easy to get swept up in all the little details expected of larger, and more traditional weddings.

When the old expectations are stripped away, so are the exorbitant price tags. Include only what you want to, search smaller venues and options not available to larger or traditional weddings. Have a beautiful ceremony in a favourite place, then feast on Mexican at your favourite restaurant. Why not? Do what you want to do, and save money in the process.

As flexible and unique as an elopement

Our Wild Love Elopement Micro Weddings give you the flexibility of an elopement with a larger guest list. Don't want a large reception? Don't have one. Prefer a festival inspired grazing platter picnic in the forest, overlooking the ocean or in a gorgeous parkland? Go for it! Want to wear your old favourite dress rather than splash a few thousand on one you can only wear once? Why not. Micro weddings aren't just about saving money. They are about bucking the traditional wedding trends, so you can create an event that celebrates your love in your own unique and memorable way.


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