Her heart was wild, but I didn’t want to catch it, I wanted to run with it, to set mine free.
— Atticus

Why Elope?

Should I elope?

An elopement isn't just about escaping to a far away paradise, or running away to the registry office, it's about stripping back your wedding to just the most important things, the things that matter. The most important aspects of a wedding are the couple (you), the people (you love), the place (the adventure), the words (your celebrant) and the memories (your photos).

the most important thing... it is all about Your Love!

Big weddings can come with all sorts of distractions and stresses. When you elope, you choose to strip away all but the most important aspects of your wedding.

Eloping eliminates this worry. It is all about the two of you expressing your love for one another. You actually get to spend your day together, and isn't that what it is all about? Your best friend by your side sharing the most intimate of moments as you exchange your vows.

You can be wild, you can be free, you can be you!

It's a Beautiful Adventure in Stunning South Australia

An elopement is your own special adventure in both life, love and place. Unique locations inaccessible to larger weddings will be open to you.

Whether a clifftop lookout, rugged coastline, favourite winery, intimate garden or hidden away in rustic bushland. South Australia is full to bursting with 100s of unique locations, and we'd love to help your perfect place. Gather with just your closest loved ones, marry your soul mate in an intimate and personalised ceremony, and then adventure through your beautiful surroundings for amazing photos that celebrate your love.

Should I Elope? Our Wild Love Elopements.jpg

More than 'just the legals'

If you decide on a registry or 'registry style' wedding you are likely to be restricted in the personal touches you can add to your ceremony. You are told where you will be married, allocated a time slot, and say your 'I do's'.

Eloping allows you to choose your location, create a personal and meaningful ceremony and capture all of those special moments and memories of your wedding day. You can also share your elopement ceremony with up to 8 guests, meaning that Mum and Dad, or your besties can be there too! 

Finishing your amazing personalised photos, with a gorgeous photo shoot in your special location.


Mortgage... car payments... bills... bills... bills... We want to buy a house! To travel! To start a family!

With the average wedding in Australia now costing well over $30,000 you may have to decide... do we want the big wedding, the big honeymoon, or the house? Depending on your choices for your elopement ceremony (venue, dress, flowers, cake, dinner, accommodation) you can get married for a fraction of the cost, spending from just $1500. 

Enjoy your dream day and cherish life long memories without starting the next beautiful chapter of your life in debt. xx