Elope in South Australia

Only the most important things you need to marry the love of your life.

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A Wise Woman Once Said F@ck This Sh!t. And She Lived Happily Ever After.

Elope in South Australia.

Do you want to elope in South Australia, but are not so keen on a registry office or pop up / micro wedding? Our Wild Love Elopements has been designed to fill this gap. It’s all about celebrating your journey together, and your wedding done your way!

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Who Are We?

We are Kate, Civil Celebrant, and Sarah, photographer. As a team we are Our Wild Love Elopements and we specialise in relaxed, real and intimate elopement experiences that capture your personality, your unique love story, and those real, raw emotions.

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Our Goal.

We want to help you marry the love of your life, without the bells and whistles. But with the love and uniqueness that allows you to do you. You shouldn't have to sacrifice your individual personality, tastes and style just because you want to elope.

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What is an Elopement?

The dictionary defines an elopement as “an act or instance of running off secretly, as to be married.” While we are all for this! We believe it has grown in it’s definition. To us, an elopement is something for people who just want to be married without the fuss and fancy of a traditional wedding. But with the beauty of a unique and precious place (not just a registry office). It can be just the 2 of you, just the 2 of us, and 1 legal witness secretly running off to some beautiful place to marry you. Or, you could bring a small gathering of family and friends along to celebrate and enjoy the moment with you.


You wake up, curled in the arms of your best friend and lover. Maybe you’ve stayed the night in that fancy bed and breakfast, or you’re at home with your furry friend crushing your toes. After a lazy morning full of hugs and smiles, you grab a delicious warm coffee at the farmers market where you pick up a bunch of whatever fresh flowers are in season from a little stall. Or maybe the friendly florist you’ve been chatting to delivers your dream bouquet right to your door as you lounge about in fluffy slippers. You have a relaxed day together, or apart, whatever you fancy. You dress up, you sip bubbles, or gin, or scotch. You eat cheeses and fruits and any manner of delicious thing. Entirely relaxed, with nothing but time on your side, you begin your adventure.

Perhaps it’s on a beautiful sandy cliff overlooking the Southern oceans, or nestled amongst trees in Kuitpo forest. Maybe it’s surrounded by vineyards and rolling hills at your cute little B&B, or we all hike together along your favourite trek to an awesome clearing in the bush. You’ve chosen a spot that’s gorgeous, unique, and isolated away from the expectations and bustle of the world. You’ve chosen a place that makes you warm and happy. It could be just the two of you, or maybe that furry friend of yours has come along. Or maybe you couldn’t bare to leave your parents behind, or those special besties. Whoever is with you, or whoever isn’t, you know you’re doing the right thing. You’re marrying that special someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Kate is a word wizard, and she’s crafted an awesome ceremony that is completely you. Together, you relive the highlights of your personal and unique love story, share memories of the times that brought you to this moment. You share special vows with each other, whatever sentiment you truly want to share. No form, no fancy. Just you doing you. All the while, photo ninja Sarah is capturing every precious moment. The tears, the smiles, the joy, the adventure, the surroundings, that stunning dress, that cool suit. The real and authentic moments and memories that are making this day so special. You did it! You’re married. And you didn’t spend a mini fortune to do it. You did it your way. Just the most important things to keep this day special. You know what life is about, and what your marriage is about. It’s about you doing you, your own unique and beautiful love. It’s about being able to say from today onwards, “good morning husband”, or “hello wife”.


Sounds amazing right?

And here’s just a few incredible love stories we’ve helped to capture:

Absolutely amazing people. It could not have been a more perfect and easy day and we were so grateful to Kate and Sarah for all that they did to make our dreams come true. Two genuine people who embrace and foster love. Thank you xx
— Alyce + Ian
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Who are Our Wild Love Elopements?

Kate and Sarah are the dynamic duo who make up Our Wild Love Elopements. Both creative and full of a passionate energy to help create meaningful wedding ceremonies and memories, with none of the fuss or fancy. (Unless you want a little bit of fancy of course. x)

Sarah and Kate are a wonderful team who take all of the stress out of organising the most important parts of your day. They inject laughter and fun which puts everyone at ease. The ceremony was a wonderful reflection of us and we all laughed and shed a few tears. I’m not a fan of photos but Sarah made the experience relaxed and fun.
I’m still laughing about the knock knock joke!
Thank you so very much for helping us to have a perfect day.
— Adele + Tim
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Ready to do this?

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